Some relatively recent photos of Annabelle and Felix Adams  
Annabelle doesn't look like this at all anymore -- but it's still a cute picture.
Here she is doing her favorite thing. Note how her cheeks have filled out.
This was taken on 14 July 2002 -- she's just over three months old.
Another one that really captures her -- she loves to rub her head and chew on her hands, especially her thumb.
Here's Felix at Camden Yards; it was M's v. O's on a hot August afternoon. He likes to wear his hat jaunty-style, tipped back on his head a bit. He slings it up there just like the pros do.
Felix posing for the camera at Quiet Waters Park, a nearby retreat with a nice view of the water.
This was taken in April, right after Annabelle was born. Grandma Sandy and Felix are admiring the boats down at the Annapolis waterfront.
This is Allenwood Park, in Great Neck, NY. My longtime friend Joan is sitting on the bench in the background with her baby and husband -- we met in this park way back in 2nd grade. It was fun to sit around and watch our kids (and husbands) play in the sprinklers.
More sprinkers.
Here's Felix posing with a painting at Joanie's parents house.
Here we are in Oxford, MD, at a wonderful seafood restaurant right on the water.
Chicken Fingers, French Fries, and Chocolate Ice Cream. It just doesn't get much better than that.
Back at home, looking quite cherubic.
Spaceman Felix.
Felix is reading a book called "No, David, no!"
Rumpus! Rumpus! Rumpus!
Artist at work. This was taken before he made mud with the paint and paper and got it all over his hands and hair and face.
Felix crafted this vehicle out of whatever he could find in the house. Annabelle's car seat turned upside down and a big spool made the perfect car. His feet are on the "pedals." His load of "garbage" is a toy truck stuffed with a pink scarf and some books.
Felix has always loved blankets. Here he is carrying some of his favorites around on the back of his truck.
Here's one of my favorites. The haircut's a little choppy, but those eyes get me every time.