Here we are at COLA's holiday party watching a "Mad Scientist" demonstration.
Annabelle basking in the early morning sunlight streaming into the kitchen.
7 December 2002
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More sunny baby.

Annabelle on
6 October 2002


Felix and Annabelle in the crib together -- 6 October 2002. Annabelle is about to do a knock-knock joke.
Thanksgiving in Great Neck. The table is set with the Waterford glasses, silver flatware, and the Venetian Glass Wedding candlesticks.

Thanksgiving guests at Grandma's house:
Irma Moore, Henry Steckel, Hilda Steckel, Janice Koch, and Grandma holding up a nearly naked Annabelle. Felix is absent, but earlier he had been in his red chair, belly-up to the coffee table, eating the mini ritz crackers.

Annabelle shows off her physique and her yoga poses.
Two experts working hard for us.
Grandma unmolds the Cranberry jello confection.
Andra checks the turkey for the umpteenth time.
Grandma carves best.

Thanksgiving Dinner is served:
Turkey, gravy (not shown), mashed potatoes, onions in bechamel, squash, chestnut stuffing, cranberry jello confection.


Felix, after dinner, in his party clothes (an italian shirt and plain-front chinos), watching a"Felix the Cat" video in a nearly continuous loop. (He has to pause during the rewind.)

The morning after: Felix enjoys a bowl of cheerios and a glass of milk in Grandma's kitchen.
Front of our house with snow and Christmas lights on.
Snow on the house
Snow on the playhouse
Snow on the shed
Felix shoveling and sweeping the snow.
Snowman on Day 3